Moms are amazing! They love us, support us, and make us proud. To show the world just how special moms really are, we’re making a video celebrating moms, and we need your help to be a part of it! All you have to do is send us videos of you and your mom, and we might use it in our video!

Tim Mcgraws Mom

All submissions are due by May 1st 2020.

All you have to do is send us videos of you and your mom, and you could be in the video

Not sure what to send? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Favorite videos of mom

  • Favorite  videos of your mom by herself (old and new)
  • Favorite videos of you and your mom together (could be from your childhood, graduation or wedding, with your family or kids, anything that means a lot to you…)
  • Videos of you and mom during isolation, together or apart (cooking, watering plants, laughing, going on walks, playing games…)

Record a video call between you and your mom

  • Film yourself preparing to call, pulling out your laptop, tablet phone or whatever you are using, and sitting town to make the call.
  • Record something that shows just how important your connection is during this difficult time (simple chat, laughter and tears, a virtual toast, a video birthday celebration, showing off your kids…)
  • Want to really go the extra mile? Do something simple but special to surprise your mom (could be a surprise video call where the whole family appears, meeting a grandchild, or, if your mom lives nearby, a serenade from outside her window! Something that you know would bring a smile to her face and tears to her eyes!)

If your mother is no longer with you, do something special in her honor:

  • Light a candle, look at her photograph in a frame or on an iPad, cook her favorite recipe, sit quietly in a garden or another special location…


  • Film with your cell phone horizontally (sideways)
  • If you are filming yourself, keep the phone at least an arms length away, or place it somewhere it can clearly see what you are doing
  • Film in an area with lots of natural light (outside or in a room with windows.)
  • Avoid setting up backdrops or making things feel staged or manufactured

Tips for Success (increase your chances of being chosen!):

  • Submit early!
  • All you have to do is send us videos of you and your mom, and you could be in the video

Email a link to your video using Dropbox, Box.com, Icloud, Or any of your favorite File Sharing Apps to

[email protected]