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parade magazine covers Tim McGraw's homes for veterans program

Parade Magazine recently ran a story on Tim McGraw’s program for Military Veterans with Chase and Operation Homefront. Read the full story here: 


For The Love Of Country – Homes for Veterans

Tim McGraw may be known as a country music singer and actor, but his passion for giving is as big as his career. A longtime supporter of veterans, McGraw is in his fourth year of partnering with Chase and Operation Homefront, which takes empty homes and donates them—mortgage free—to returning veterans.

“My sister’s a veteran of the first Gulf War. My uncle’s a Vietnam veteran. I’ve got tons of friends who are veterans,” he says. “When [Operation Homefront] came to me with this program that marries houses with deserving veterans who didn’t own a home…it’s just the best program I can be involved in.”

The project is as much about providing stability for veterans as it is about giving them a place to live, McGraw, 48, says. “These guys spend so much of their lives dedicated to providing security for us,” he says. “Their families have sacrificed everything, and they find themselves trying to find that same security. In a lot of cases they don’t have a home of their own. They’re moving from place to place. If I can be involved in changing that, I’m glad to do it.”

Operation Homefront ( also provides military families with necessities like car or home repairs, food, school supplies, baby products and other essentials.

As an ambassador for the organization, McGraw presented 36 homes to veterans and their families during his Shotgun Rider Tour this year. “The veterans are so thankful because they have a service heart to start with; it’s just the kind of people that they are,” he says. “My reaction is always, ‘You don’t have to thank me or anybody for this. You deserve it.’ ”