Tim McGraw is releasing his fourteenth studio album, Damn Country Music, on November 6th. This week leading up to album release day, we are getting up close and personal with the Country music superstar in a four-part series that chronicles his musical journey, and everything that has brought him to this point in his incredible career.

Throughout “Tim McGraw: My Damn Country Music Journey,” fans will go with him to different landmarks around Nashville that have helped define who he is an artist. We’ll see the studio where he recorded his new album, the Greyhound Bus Depot where Tim first arrived in Nashville, the bars and clubs where he first performed, and the rehearsal performance hall where he and his band practice for upcoming TV performances.

Tim talks about a few of the clubs that he used to perform at to make extra money in order to pay his rent, namely Skull’s Rainbow Room: “I would go in there every night, and they would get me up to sing, and I would sing a set or so. And Skull would always give me $100 or $150 or something to help me pay my rent. If I ever needed money, I’d go in there and ask if I could sing a few songs, and he would give me money.”

Watch the video here.